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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need to send my mailing out soon. How can I speed up the process?

A: Real Green Suggests First Class Postage for Time sensitive Mailings! 1st class postage rates apply!

Q: When can I run my prepay letters?

A: Anytime. Lawn Assistant does not specifically require you to run any “year-end” or renewal utilities in order to print prepay letters. There is a drawback to printing your prepay letters prior to running any price increase and/or renewal utilities, however – your prices will remain the same and there’s no accounting for Programs / Special Jobs that have already been setup for the following season, but not the current season. It is also recommended that you perform any renewal and/or price increase utilities prior to running your prepay letters and subsequently receiving any prepayments. It’s much easier to enter and post prepayments if you have the services and prices already setup on the next season.

Q: Do I have to wait until all of my services have been completed in order to print my prepay letters or run my renewals?

A: No. You may run your renewals at any time, as Lawn Assistant does not require that the services be completed in order to renew them. The renewal process may be run at any time during the season and may also be run multiple times to catch anything that didn’t get renewed during previous attempts. In addition to that, you may print prepay letters by range of invoice number, so that you may personally deliver the letters as services are performed – it can save you money on postage.

Q: If I run my renewals more than once, will I end up with duplicate Programs / Special Jobs?

A: No. Every time a Program or Special Job gets renewed, it’s flagged as “renewed.” There’s a check box on the bottom, center of the Program / Special Job screen (in the green shaded area) that will be checked if the service has been renewed already. If this check box is checked, it will not renew. The system automatically checks that box whenever it renews a Program / Special Job.

Q: Do I have to print all of my letters at one time?

A: No, you don’t. You may limit your printing to small batches using customer number range, zip code range, or current status.

Q: How do I up-sell service that have a standard, flat price?

A: The service itself must have a price table set up in such a way that, there’s only one price on the chart for a size of 1.0 1,000 sq ft and a price per unit after 1.0 1,000 sq ft of $0.00. That way, no matter what the size of the customer’s property, the price can only be the price that you have set for 1.0 1,000 sq ft.

Q: Can I send prepay letters out for new sales that have been entered since I sent out my initial batch of prepay letters?

A: Yes. On the first tab of the prepay letter criteria, you can specify the “number of days since last prepay letter,” so that if they’ve had a prepay letter within that many days into the past, they won’t get one again. eg.- if you printed prepay letters on November 1 st, 2004 and you just entered 5 new sales in the month of January – you can put in 90 days since their last prepay letter and it will exclude the customers that received letters in the last 90 days.

FAQ's I Mass Sevice Utility I  Price Increase Utility I Pre-Pay & Renewals I  Process Renewals



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